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"Sainik Samachar" published fortnightly in thirteen languages.
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Ruby Thinda Sharma


A Bharat Bhushan Babu


S Subramanian

Director, (PR)

Directorate of Public Relations
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President's Address on the 71st Republic Day

Dear fellow citizens On the eve of our 71st republic Day, I extend my warm greetings to all of you, in India and abroad. Seven decades ago, on 26th January, our Constitution came into effect. Even before that, this date had acquired special significance. Having resolved to attain 'Purna Swaraj' our people had been celebrating 'Purna Swaraj Day' on every 26th January from 1930 to 1947. That is why, in 1950 we embarked our journey as a Republic on the 26th January, affirming to the principles laid down.....



  Coffee Table Book

The last one hundred years have perhaps been the most momentous in the entire history of mankind, just as much as it has been for India. Two World Wars, the Freedom Movement, the emergence of India as a great nation, three wars, a near war and last but not the least, the growth of a thoroughly professional, apolitical Indian Armed Force, committed not only to protecting its territorial integrity under any circumstances but also coming to the aid of civil authorities in times of crisis and natural disasters, a magnificent force that each and every citizen of this country is justifiably proud of.


All such events and developments have been witnessed from close quarters and chronicled by Fauji Akhbar, rechristened as Sainik Samachar in 1954. The journey which started as an Urdu Weekly on January 2, 1909 continues, despite occasional setbacks in the past. In its chequered history, Fauji Akhbar moved from Shimla to Lahore and then to Delhi. Its editorial policy has also undergone many changes over the years. The publication had to be temporarily halted immediately after Independence due to a large scale migration of the staff and printer to Pakistan. It bounced back with renewed vigour and enthusiasm in no time. It is this magazine that the troops and officers look forward to for the last information that has a bearing on them. Sainik Samachar, a fortnightly now, is published in thirteen languages including English.


In this anthology, Soldiering On..., we have brought out a panoramic view of the major events in the life of the nation and to some extent, of the world, as reported by Fauji Akhbar / Sainik Samachar since its inception. We have embellished the reportage with rare pictures dug out from our archives, some of them for the first time. We have also included a comprehensive articles on the history and evolution of the Directorate of Public Relations of the Ministry of Defence, a unique inter-service organisation which has set benchmarks for PR activities over the years. We have included articles, features and short stories by writers, some of whom achieved eminence only in later years. In short, this volume not only provides a rare glimpse into the history of India in the last one hundred years but is also a collector's item.

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The journal of India's Armed Forces published every fortnight in thirteen languages including Assamese, Bengali, English, Gorkhali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu & Urdu on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.

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Disclaimer: "The journal of Indian Armed Forces is published every fortnightly in thirteen languages including Hindi and English on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. It is not necessarily an organ for the expression of the Government's defence policy. The published items represent the views of respective writers and correspondents."