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The Inspiring Story of COL KS BADHWAR SM (Gallantry), a Serving Army Officer Who Became an Ultra Marathon Runner With Just One Year of Practice at the Age of 50 Years

The Inspiring Story of COL KS BADHWAR SM (Gallantry), a Serving Army Officer Who Became an Ultra Marathon Runner With Just One Year of Practice at the Age of 50 Years

It was on 20 Nov 22 in Cape Comorin of Kanyakumari that the Defence Spokesperson Trivandrum Ms Dhanya Sanal K, IIS met an iconic Indian Army Officer Col KS Badhwar a Gallantry Sena Medal winner during the flagging off ceremony of NCC’s Unity Flame Run. He was preparing for the 3000 kms unity flame run from Kanyakumari to New Delhi. It was an event organized by the Directorate of NCC, New Delhi as part of platinum jubilee celebrations of the NCC wherein, the team of NCC associates will run from Kanyakumkari to Delhi with the unit flame.  The event was flagged off by Commodore Atul Kumar Rastogi, DDG NCC, TN, P & AN Directorate, Chennai and handed over the flame to Col Badhwar.  In the run Col KS Badhwar, SM, the team leader will cover 3000 Kms, 50 Kms per day for 60 continuous days to reach New Delhi on the republic day 2023. When came to know about the team leader of this Unity Flame Run Col KS Badwar, his extremely magnificent capabilities in the field of marathon running, the Defence spokesperson interviewed him to know more about his passion.


Defence PRO Tvm : Good Moring Sir. After I came to know about your extreme talent in ultra marathon running, I am very enthusiastic to know more about your passion. In fact, it is my duty to bring out the special talents of our Armed Forces Personnel to open domain which surly will help to motivate many.


Col KS Badhwar     : Thank you.  It is indeed an honour for me to share my story.


Defence PRO Tvm : Sir, Why ultra marathon, Why did you choose it?


Col KS Badhwar     : Basically, I chose it to cross my own limits. I had a passion of running and I always wanted to cross my limits. In these marathons, we can cross the time limits and distances which we previously covered in various events.


Defence PRO Tvm : When did you start this marathon running and what is your present age?


Col KS Badhwar     : I loved running from early on. I am 50 years old now. I started marathon running only from the last year, during the Covid times. During those times, while sitting ideal, I thought of doing something which fulfills my passion.


Defence PRO Tvm : So, it took you just one year achieve this mile stone to became ultra marathon runner?


Col KS Badhwar     : Yes I have started marathon running in 2021 and in this last one year I could became an ultra marathon runner


Defence PRO Tvm : So, normally, how long will you be running on a regular basis?


Col KS Badhwar     : For the past one year, I am running 25 to 30 Kms a day and on Saturday & Sundays, I runs 50 Kms or more.


Defence PRO Tvm : So how long will it take for a normal person to climb upto this much heights in the ladder?


Col KS Badhwar     : It depends on person to person and his endurance capacity.  Since, it is my passion to run; I could make it possible in just one year of practice.


Defence PRO Tvm : Are you following any special diet for being an ultra marathon runner?


Col KS Badhwar     : Yes. special food is there. I spends around Rs 2700 just for a meal to maintain required calories.


Defence PRO Tvm : Sir, How much calorie are you putting in?


Col KS Badhwar     : It depends on the event that I participate. If I am doing the long run like 100 Kms, then it burns around 6000 calories. To cover this 6000 calorie I have to consume 8000 calories in one meal. 


Defence PRO Tvm : Sir, basically the hydration is one of the important part in marathon runs. So if you are going for an ultra marathon run how do you manage your hydration and how you are managing it in a regular basis?


Col KS Badhwar     : On regular basis, I don’t carry any hydration bag with me. I only carries money for buying water enroute and starts early in the morning.  If I want to go for 50 Kms or more I starts running at around five o clock and finishes the run by 1030.  It takes five and half hours to six and half hours to complete 50 Kms depending on the traffic and the weather conditions. 


Defence PRO Tvm : What is your normal route sir?


Col KS Badhwar     : Anywhere.  I use two watches to satisfy that my distance is correct and is keeping correct pace.


Defence PRO Tvm : You are currently posted at Uttar Pradesh sir. And what is the daily route followed there?


Col KS Badhwar     : A place called Sikanderpur is there which is 33 Kms from Balia, my place of posting.  So whenever I go for long distance runs, I start from my office at Balia to Sikanderpur and back.  It comes around 65-66 Kms.  And when I goes for 25 Kms run, I runs 10-12 Kms by road and 10 to 12 Kms in the stadium.


Defence PRO Tvm : So what is your timings sir? For a half marathon how long it will take?


Col KS Badhwar     : My best timing was of 1 hour 41 minutes.  I have just completed my first full marathon in Sarmang Dehradun Marathon in the Month of October 2022.  My timing there was 3 hours 41 minutes.  I have just done Ganga Sustainability marathon at Rishikesh.  It was of 50 Km and I finished it in five hours and five minutes.  The altitude and elevation were different at these different terrains.  


Defence PRO Tvm : Normally we consume more protein.  But as ultra runner you need more carbs?


Col KS Badhwar     : It depends on your body.  We need a mixture of both proteins and carbs.


Defence PRO Tvm : What is your future plan?


Col KS Badhwar     : I always want to participate in every new marathon events with more kilometers, so that I can cross my own limits.


Defence PRO Tvm : How about Kanyakumari ?


Col KS Badhwar     : Kanyakumari is a beautiful place.  I am honoured to be here at this place of beautiful nature and beautiful humans.  I have seen the difference in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


Defence PRO Tvm : Have you been to Kerala sir?


Col KS Badhwar     : I have stayed there for three days.  I am doing my acclimatization over here. 


Defence PRO Tvm: What message you want to give to the NCC cadets apart from what you mention here?


Col KS Badhwar     : As Commanding Officer of 90 UP Battalion, Balia, I want to tell the NCC cadets that they should be wonderful citizens of India.  They should be lovable human beings and they should be good sons, daughters and students of teachers and lovable youth. 


Defence PRO Tvm : Sir, please tell me about your academic background ?


Col KS Badhwar     : I have done my graduation from Moti Lal College Delhi. I am an Arts graduate.


Defence PRO Tvm : When did you get commissioned in Indian Army?


Col KS Badhwar     : I got commissioned into 25 Rajputh on 26 Aug 1995.  I have put in 27 years of service now. I had the opportunity to command my own unit of 25 Rajputh.


Defence PRO Tvm : A pleasure talking to your sir.  Your story teaches that age or time is just numbers and if you got the will power you can accomplish your passion at any stages of your life. Thank you for spending time to share your valuable life experience. Thank you.


 About Col KS Badhwar, SM ( Gallantry):


Col KS Badhwar, SM ( Gallantry) is an alumni of Military School Ajmer, NCC, Moti Lal College Delhi University,  OTA Chennai who was commissioned into 25 Rajput Regiment, in 1995. He has served in 23 Rastriya Rifles, NSG, NCO Academy Binaguri, STF, ARO Almora and presently as Commanding Officer of 90 UP Battalion, Balia UP.   Indeed, an Officer and a gentleman, who is enthusiastic, hardworking, mature & optimistic, who has immense faith in life and devine. Col Badhwar, has been blessed with special qualities, with running ultra marathons, as one of his passion. He has many records, of running continuously for many hours and days. He had recently ran, 750 kms in 10 days from 06 Aug 22 to 15 Aug 22 ,on the special occasion of 75 years of Independence, from New Delhi to Lucknow, running 75 Kms everyday for continuous 10 days.