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Indian Army Organises Lecture on Cold Injury at Pinjrar, Kishtwar

Indian Army Organises Lecture on Cold Injury  at Pinjrar, Kishtwar

To educate the local populace regarding the importance and relevance of healthy life, Indian Army organised a lecture on cold injury for the local populace of Pinjrar, Kishtwar. The lecture is an initiative to increase awareness regarding good hygiene and healthcare issues. The locals were educated about symptoms and preventive measures of cold injury like Cold, Sore throat, Asthma, Norovirus, Painful joints, Cold sores, Cold hands and feet, chilblains & frostbite.  A total of 30 locals attended the lecture with full zeal and enthusiasm. Locals were also briefed that improving the habits and hygiene will minimize the common diseases. The event promises to be a unique effort to improve the health and hygiene issues in day to day life. The local populace lauded the initiatives and expressed hope that such initiatives by the Indian Army will give a fillip to general hygiene amongst the people.