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Indian Army Inaugurates Its First Two Storey 3-D Printed Dwelling Unit in Ahmedabad

          Indian Army Inaugurates Its First Two Storey  3-D Printed Dwelling Unit in Ahmedabad

Army's First 3-D Printed House Dwelling Unit with Ground plus one configuration inaugurated on 28 Dec 2022 for the soldiers of the Indian Army in Ahmedabad Cantonment. The dwelling unit has been built by Military Engineering Services (MES) in collaboration with MiCoB Pvt Ltd exploiting the software and 3D Rapid Construction Technology. By utilising the 3D printed foundation, walls and slabs, the construction of dwelling unit measuring 71 sqm with garage space was completed in just 12 weeks.


The disaster-resilient structures comply with Zone-3 earthquake specifications and green building norms and are symbolic of the modern-day rapid construction efforts to cater for faster growing accommodation requirements of the Indian Armed Forces. This structure also stands as a testimony to the solidarity of the Indian Armed Forces in fostering the 'Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan' of Government of India.


Using this technology, a new dwelling unit can be rapidly constructed which will facilitate faster availability of dwelling units to troops in peace stations by technical infusion in Military Engineering Services. The technique utilises a concrete 3D printer that accepts a computerised three-dimensional design file and fabricates a 3-D structure in a layer-by-layer manner by extruding a specialised type of concrete specifically designed for the purpose.


Indian Army has been instrumental in pursuing the project with manifold applications in operations also. The same has been validated over a period of one year and can be seen incorporated in all terrains, the recent one being in Ladakh.