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Indian Army Rejuvenates Sarovars Under Theme “Mission Amrit Sarovars”

Indian Army Rejuvenates Sarovars Under Theme “Mission Amrit Sarovars”

Taking forward the initiative of rejuvenating & developing the Sarovars in various town and villages of Southern India, Southern Command of Indian Army carried out a campaign under theme “Mission Amrit Sarovars” to revive and develop 75 Sarovars in various parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kerala and Rajasthan.


In an endeavor to contribute towards the Nation Building and also to commemorate Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and Army Day 2023, Indian Army had undertaken this initiative. Mission Amrit Sarovar was launched on 24 April 2022 by Govt of India with an objective to harvest and conserve water for future generation. Taking forward this initiative, the formations of Southern Command have identified 75 sites in different locations. The work towards this initiative is underway involving Army’s Engineer & PWD resources in conjunction with the civil administration and village panchayats. Creation of these Amrit Sarovars will also form part of overall water harvesting scheme keeping the environmental factors in mind which will greatly assist in ameliorating the water crises of villages.

The Indian Army through this initiative has also endeavored to spread the message of “Jal Hai To Jeevan Hai” involving the entire community and motivating them in taking forward this initiative further.  The activity of rejuvenating and developing the Sarovars will be a continued association and will assist in improving the quality of life in the villages and in remote areas of the Country. 

Under the aegis of Konark Corps, Mission Amrit Sarovar was undertaken at 25 locations in the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat where the task of rejuvenation and development is in progress.  The task has been undertaken by the Konark Corps Engineers utilising their heavy plant resources in clearing, widening and increasing the depth of the existing Sarovars. In one of the projects, Konark Corps Army Engineers proactively assisted the locals in construction of 4000 square meters Water Reservoir to help in survival of thousands of Gazelles and endangered birds especially the Great Indian Bustard. Post completion of the work, the Water Pond has been handed over to Khetolai Village panchayat on 10 January 2023. The resultant bonhomie between Army and villagers was evident during the event. The construction of Water Pond will greatly assist in bird & wildlife conservation efforts of the Government & Wildlife department for conservation of local & migratory birds found in the area. Active participation and cooperation of Konark Corps, local population and students reflects great affinity and cooperation between multi agency towards nation building.