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‘Innovation Day’ Celebration at Command Hospital Air Force Bengaluru





‘हर काम देश केनाम’


‘Innovation Day’ Celebration at Command Hospital  Air Force Bengaluru


                                                                                            Bengaluru, 24 Feb 2023



Highlighting the innovations in the field of Medical Technologies, the first ever Innovation Day conference was held at TG Jones Auditorium, Command Hospital air Force Bengaluru (CHAF) today.  CHAFB is a tertiary armed forces hospital dedicated to advanced medical research and innovation. 

The conference featured talks on cutting-edge technologies, ground breaking research and wide range of topics to medical innovation, including the latest developments in drug, medical devices, artificial intelligence and telemedicine. Among the highlights of the conference was the keynote speech by Padmashri and Padma Bhushan Professor G Padmanaban former Director of Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and renowned researcher & Innovator in the field of medical technology.  He highlighted upon the current state of Medical Biotechnology in India and the challenges facing in medical innovators today.  He also shared his insights on how new technologies such as artificial intelligence and telemedicine are transforming the way we approach healthcare.  The inaugural address was delivered by AVM Sadhna S Nair, VSM, Principal Medical Officer, Head Quarter Training Command IAF.  Other imminent speakers at the conference included Air Vice Marshal S Shankar Commandant CHAFB, Group Captain KM Babu (Retd) who has more than 10 patents and Surgeon Commander Arnab Ghosh (who has 46 patents in his name including the breathable Navrakshak PPE kits).  Attendees at the conferencehad the opportunity to view and familiarize themselves with the latest medical technologies. 

The conference also features a display cum exhibition area, where attendees engaged with experts in the field and learned about the latest trends and the best practices in medical innovation.  Topics discussed included the ethics of artificial intelligence in health care, the future of telemedicine and the challenges of developing new drug therapies. More than 30 medical innovations in healthcare field were showcased by command Hospital, Medical Training Centre, Institute of Aerospace Medicine and Air force Institute of Dental Sciences. 

The participants in the conference included both physical and virtual participants from various health care echelons from across the country.




Group photo of Surg Cdr Arnab Ghosh, Air Vice Marshal Sadhna S Nair VishishtSeva Medal, Principal Medical Officer, Former Director of IISc Bangalore Padmashri& Padma Bhushan Professor G Padmanaban,AVM S Shankar Commandant, CHAFB, GpCapt KM Babu and Col Anuj Bhatnagar are on the occasion of Innovation Day held at Air Force Command Hospital Bangalore on February 24th, 2023.