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Assam Rifles Conducts Awareness Programme to Promote Nasha Mukt Bharat

Assam Rifles Conducts  Awareness Programme to Promote Nasha Mukt Bharat

Khuga Battalion under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) organised a Lecture on Drug Abuse and its effect on progressive society followed by pamphlet distribution at vill Z Khunou in Churachandpur district on 24 Feb 2023. 

The said event was organised by COB Z Khunou of Khuga Bn Assam Rifles and witnessed a healthy participation by villagers including youths.Drug addiction is emerging as a serious concern in the country, especially among the younger generation leading to dangerous consequences not just for the person using drugs, but to the family and society at large. Time and again various studies have highlighted the perils of substance abuse and discussed that substance abuse is a dangerous disease that entraps a person in a vicious cycle that not only destroys the user but their whole family, society and eventually the country. It is hence important that the user themselves, their family, friends, society, government, law, all must come together to work in one direction with the aim to eradicate substance use. Khuga Battalion thus took this initiative to spread the message of Nasha Mukt Bharat for a healthy and drug free nation.

The said event also focussed on need to insulate youth from drug menace and engage them in socially productive work. It was attended by 23 villagers.