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Agniveer training at AOC Centre




Agniveer training at AOC Centre


Secunderabad, 07 Mar 2023



A landmark policy defining and redrafting military terms of engagement termed as the ‘AGNIPATH’ necessitated the inclusion of future soldiers rightfully being addressed as the ‘AGNIVEERS’. AOC Centre in Secunderabad commenced the training of these military recruits on 02 Jan 2023. The Agniveers reported to the Centre from different states and regions of the country, they were accordingly blended and alloyed to have a varied mix into different training companies. The same not only was aimed at heightening and bolstering the spirit of camaraderie but also infuse a give-it spirit towards their allotted company signifying their unequivocal allegiance to uphold the glory of their flag, at whatever the cost. NAAM, NAMAK & NISHAAN is what defies and distinguishes a warrior.



The Instructors congealed their experience and expertise into creating future soldiers. It’s an age-old adage in the Armed Forces that drill is the bedrock of discipline, the initial going for the Agniveers was tough but with the relentless endeavor of the dedicated team of Drill Instructors, slowly but surely the Agniveers mastered the craft and with literally suffering negligible injuries.



            The Agniveers were also put through a systematic strength and physical training cycle which not only acted as a catalyst to clear their mandatory tests but also indoctrinated them with the steadfastness to bear all circumstances and situations. The new Agniveers were also taught in-depth the nuances of weapon training and with special insistence being given to whet firing skills, EK GOLI, EK DUSHMAN, being the motto in the firing range. The Agniveers were also subjected to the rigors and ordeals to be expected in the time of hostilities in the form of an outdoor camp, where different tactics and such scenarios were taught and preached. The recruits performed well and their acquired military acumen was clearly visible as the Josh Factor was truly irrepressible.



            To nurture the fighting and never say die attitude, Inter Company Sports Competitions were also held which witnessed and showcased elements of leadership and team spirit.



            The Agniveers were also put through a detailed regime of Map Reading, Public Speaking, Leadership Building Sessions and Motivational Lectures to name a few. The young lads who arrived at the famed portals of the AOC Centre after a grueling selection process where millions appeared and only the best and few were chosen, today after completion of 10 weeks of their Basic Military Training (BMT), stand at the horizon wearing the illustrious Olive Green where the second phase of their training, i.e. the Advance Military Training (AMT) commences and soon upon completion of the same, the young soldiers will join their units and play their part in maintaining and safeguarding the sovereignty of our Nation.




Agniveers undergoing training at AOC Centre, Secunderabad.

Agniveers undergoing training at AOC Centre, Secunderabad.