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Assam Rifles Facilitates Safe Transit at Pallel of Stranded Civilians in Manipur

Assam Rifles Facilitates Safe Transit at Pallel of Stranded Civilians in Manipur

Assam Rifles units of 26 Sect were appreciated by all communities for acting quickly to bring the security sit in Tengnoupal & Chandel under control and acting in non-partisan way through entire phase of rescue and relief. Various Assam Rifles personnel showcased traits of resoluteness, compassion, sense of urgency and service before self during the delicate phase of rescue and relief immediately after the crisis in Manipur.

Once a reasonably safe security situation was achieved, the Assam Rifles units of 26 Sect acted with a sense of purpose and ferried thousands of stranded people, under protection, both from Imphal to Moreh and vice versa. People of respective areas were overjoyed at reversion with their kith and kin. Safe transportation of stranded people to their families will bring down anxiety uncertainty and angst among people. This will further lead to reduction in rumours and tension, and directly contribute to peace & stability.  26 Sect Assam Rifles were also appreciated by one and all for their ability to handle the sheen logistics of the whole Relief and Rescue ops. The relief camp at Moreh is accommodating and feeding in excess of 3500 persons, another Relief Camp at Bongmol is providing 750 personals, the transit facility at Pallel is providing food, medical care and transhipment facility to more than 1000 personals daily to people of all communities.

Sustained peace over the next few days will lay the grands for initiation of rehabilitation process by the state of earnest.  The people across communal divide have thanked Assam Rifles for the commendable job at relief & rescue and for remaining absolutely non-partisan. The successful facilitation of the safe passage of stranded civilians was made possible through the tireless efforts of the Assam Rifles. Their commitment and dedication to the welfare of the people of Manipur are commendable. Assam Rifles has urged all communities to work together to build a peaceful and prosperous Manipur. It is heartening to see the communities of Manipur come together to support each other during these trying times. The citizens of Manipur have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Assam Rifles for providing security, shelter and food during the time of crisis, significantly reducing their misery. The efforts of Kakching MLA Mr Rameshwar were also widely appreciated for coordinating the logistics. The gesture of Assam Rifles has not gone unnoticed and the citizens have highly appreciated their efforts which will go a long way in bringing back harmony and normalcy to the state of Manipur.

In conclusion, the Assam Rifles’s selfless and compassionate service has won them the gratitude of the people they have assisted. The citizens of Manipur are thankful for all the assistance provided by Assam Rifles. The actions of the Assam Rifles have undoubtedly had a significant impact in bringing back harmony and normalcy to the state of Manipur.