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Forces Evacuated Stranded Young Girl and Children

Forces Evacuated Stranded Young Girl and Children

A 19-year-old girl, Kimnehoi, residence of Sadu Chiru village along with seven children aged between three to fourteen years were stranded in Lamka in Churachandpur, since 03 May when the violence erupted in most of the districts of Manipur. For eight days she singlehandedly held out with limited ration at her disposal in the hope that situation would be restored and they could go home safely. In this testing time the girl stood steadfast as the saviour and role model for others to emulate.

When her supplies ran out and she was left with very little to feed the wards, she realized that something more had to be done to extricate herself and the children from the predicament they were in. Fortunately, mobile services were functional and she was able to communicate her plight to the relatives at Sadu Chiru. The village Chief immediately walked up to  Security Forces that had arrived in the village on 05 May to maintain peace and harmony had gained the confidence of the villagers. The Security Forces immediately organized a rescue mission to Lamka and extricated them to their loved ones in Sadu Chiru.

It was especially emotional for Kimnehoi because the flourishing village she had left on 02 May was now a smoldering ruin destroyed by a rioting mob. Yet, she was relieved that they were back home hale and hearty to rebuild their village and their future. The villagers thanked the Security Forces wholeheartedly for their humanitarian action and for relieving the families of the anguish of separation from their young children during these trying times.