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Marine Police Trainees Visit Indian Coast Guard District HQ (North Gujarat)

Marine Police Trainees Visit Indian Coast Guard District HQ (North Gujarat)

Indian Coast Guard District Headquarters No. 15 (North Gujarat) conducted training for Marine Police personnel undergoing Marine Police Foundation Course at National Academy of Coastal Policing, (BSF) Mojap. The implementation of joint training programme for Marine Police personnel is part of Indian Coast Guard (ICG) efforts towards sea-orientation and imparting on job training to Marine Police personnel, onboard various ICG ships. 


A total of 103 Marine Police trainees (NACP) and instructors from BSF visited 69 Air Cushioned Vessel Squadron (Hovercraft Squadron) and ICG Ship Arinjay. The trainees were briefed regarding the ACVs capacity, functioning and were imparted on job training on state of the art machineries/ equipment fitted onboard, working principle, maintenance and capabilities. During visit onboard ICG Ship Arinjay, they were given insight into the ship's capabilities and conducted informative sessions on Navigation, Communication and Safety measures to be adopted at sea. 

Further, the trainees were also briefed on charter and role performed by Indian Coast Guard towards coastal security in addition to various other duties, through a power point presentation. 

The joint training programme conducted is a concerted effort between Indian Coast Guard and National Academy of Coastal Policing, BSF to jointly train Marine Police trainees towards preparing a pool of trained Marine Police force for the state of Gujarat.