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ECHS Polyclinic Dehradun Introduces Technological Advancement to Enhance Patient Experience and Reduce Waiting Time

ECHS Polyclinic Dehradun Introduces Technological Advancement to Enhance Patient Experience and Reduce Waiting Time

ECHS Polyclinic Dehradun has implemented a ground-breaking upgradation in its operational procedures aimed at optimizing patient experience and minimizing waiting time. By harnessing the power of technology, the polyclinic has successfully eliminated the need for multiple trips between the Military Hospital (MH) and the Polyclinic for ECHS beneficiaries. 

Under the previous system, ECHS Medical Officers were obligated to refer patients to specialists at MH Dehradun. After consultation, the specialists would prescribe medications or recommend referrals to empaneled hospitals. However, this process necessitated patients to return to the ECHS Polyclinic, meet with the Medical Officer, request prescriptions for the prescribed medicines, and endure long queues at the ECHS Dispensary for collection. Similarly, in the case of referrals, patients had to revisit the Medical Officer and then proceed to the ECHS referral counter. 

The Dispensary and Referral Module, now implemented by ECHS Polyclinic Dehradun, has transformed these cumbersome procedures, significantly reducing the back-and-forth trips between the Polyclinic and MH. This innovative system operates on a Local Area Network (LAN) established between ECHS and MH. 

With the new module in place, when an ECHS Medical Officer refers a patient to a specialist at MH, and the specialist prescribes medications or a referral to an empaneled hospital, the patient simply visits the Medical Inspection Room (MI Room) in the MH. Here, the prescribed medicines are promptly entered into the Dispensary Module. 

To further enhance convenience for ECHS beneficiaries, the prescribed medicines can be directly collected from the Dispensary at MH itself. A dedicated counter has been set up specifically for ECHS beneficiaries to streamline the process and ensure quick access to medications. Similarly, referral slips can be obtained conveniently from the MH MI Room referral counter. 

This remarkable effort not only simplifies the patient journey but also significantly reduces waiting time for veterans and eliminates unnecessary visits. ECHS Polyclinic Dehradun remains committed to enhancing healthcare services for its beneficiaries and leveraging technology to improve their overall experience. 

ECHS Polyclinic Dehradun under the aegis of HQ Uttarakhand Sub Area is a leading healthcare facility dedicated to providing comprehensive medical services to Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) beneficiaries. With a focus on patient-centered care, ECHS Polyclinic Dehradun strives to deliver high-quality healthcare services and continuously explore innovative solutions to enhance patient satisfaction and convenience.