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Indian Army Organised Medical & Veterinary Camp at Chingam Kishtwar.       

Indian Army Organised Medical & Veterinary Camp at Chingam Kishtwar.       

The Indian Army undertook an initiative of organising a Medical & Veterinary Camp for the Awaam of Chingam area of Kishtwar district. Indian Army was committed to make essential free medical services and treatment by the doctor and medical staff to the Awaam of the area.  Over 410 civillians and 79 cattle turned up from adjoining areas and availed free medical facilities. Free medicines were also distributed. The main motive of this medical camp was to provide free services and treatment to the local residents of the remote villages who face extreme difficulties in accessing proper and affordable health care facilities and to sensitize the people that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Apart from providing medical treatment, efforts were made to raise awareness in the populace about various diseases and medical conditions. The camp was a huge success since it is one of its kind for the populace in the region. The camp was highly appreciated by the populace, which was evident from the overwhelming response. The populace expressed their gratitude towards Indian Army  and requested to organise such camps on regular basis.