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Red Shield Division Celebrated AWWA Day With a Series of Transformative Events

Red Shield Division Celebrated AWWA Day With a Series of Transformative Events

In a celebration of unity, empowerment, and transformation, the Red Shield Division of Indian Army commemorated inception of Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) with series of events which spanned from 7 Aug to 23 August 2023 across multiple locations at Leimakhong, Agartala and Masimpur. These celebrations reminded everyone of rich history of AWWA and also celebrated the incredible strides made by the elite organisation towards improving the lives of Army families. 

AWWA day celebrations included a diverse range of events, which were organised meticulously, each designed to highlight the theme of "On Path to Transformation." Among the highlights were motivational lectures aimed at spreading awareness about AWWA and its extensive projects aimed at fostering the comprehensive development of Army wives. These lectures served as a platform for knowledge sharing and discussions on various initiatives undertaken by AWWA. 

The festivities also included a spirited Mini Marathon, emphasising on the importance of physical fitness and well-being, showcasing AWWA's dedication to promote healthy lifestyles and encouraging Army wives to embrace an active and balanced life. In a display of their commitment to healthcare, AWWA also organised a comprehensive Medical and Dental Camp. This camp provided vital medical services to Army families and the local community, reinforcing AWWA's holistic approach to well-being. Artistic talents of children displayed during the Painting and Drawing Competitions, offering them an outlet for creativity and self-expression. These competitions showcased artistic prowess of children and served as a medium to highlight the transformative power of art in fostering their emotional well-being.  

The core mission of AWWA is to support Army Wives, Veer Naris and Widows on their journey towards empowerment and self-sufficiency hence, an interactive program was organised with particular focus on addressing to the grievances of Veer Naris and widows, ensuring that their voices were heard and their needs were met. 

During the AWWA Day celebrations, Mrs Hemali Kabthiyal, Convener, Family Welfare Organisation, Red Shield Division inaugurated, the Sangai Recreational Centre at Leimakhong Military Station, Manipur, dedicating it to all ranks and families of the division. As the AWWA Day celebrations concluded, Mrs Hemali Kabthiyal extended her gratitude to all who joined in commemorating the remarkable journey of AWWA with her remarks as “Together, we celebrated empowerment, transformation and the unyielding spirit of the Army community through these events, which reaffirms AWWA's commitment to foster holistic development and creating a brighter, more empowered future for Army wives, Veer Naris and widows.