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Felicitation of Veer Naris, Widows and Spouses of ESM at Kalal, Nowshera

Felicitation of Veer Naris, Widows and Spouses of ESM  at Kalal, Nowshera


The Indian Army continues to foster strong relationships with its Veterans, their families, and the courageous Veer Naris (war widows) as part of its ongoing commitment to support and assist those who have served the nation. In line with this commitment, the Indian Army organized a significant interaction at Kalal in Rajouri District, aimed at addressing the concerns and well-being of these individuals.

The event, attended by Veterans and Veer Naris from the area, provided a platform for open discussions regarding various social and personal challenges. The Indian Army recognized the importance of addressing the grievances faced by these brave individuals and ensured that their voices were heard by the organizers.

The interaction proved to be productive, with participants engaging in meaningful conversations with the organizers. This interaction not only enabled the attendees to express their concerns but also highlighted the Indian Army's dedication to providing practical solutions and support to its community members.

As a token of appreciation and respect, a felicitation ceremony was held at the conclusion of the event. This ceremony aimed to honor the indomitable spirit, resilience, and determination of the Veterans, Veer Naris, and widows. These individuals have displayed remarkable strength in overcoming adversity and working towards the betterment of society and the region.

The Indian Army's unwavering commitment to its Veterans, Veer Naris, and their families underscores its holistic approach to support and community-building. By creating opportunities for open dialogue, addressing grievances, and acknowledging the contributions of these individuals, the Indian Army continues to uphold its values of service and care.