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Assam Rifles Drives Patriotism and Culture in Larong Village Celebration, Chandel Dist

Assam Rifles Drives Patriotism and Culture in Larong Village Celebration, Chandel Dist

The Assam Rifles, in their unwavering commitment to community development and cultural enrichment, orchestrated a captivating cultural and patriotic event on August 26, 2023, in the vibrant Larong village. This initiative resonates deeply with the spirit of the 77th Independence Day, further fostering the unity and cultural harmony nourished by the local communities.

The festivities unfolded with the grandeur of the National flag being hoisted, symbolising the unity and strength of the nation. The event gained an additional layer of significance with an impeccable March Past presented by the talented students of Larong High School, showcasing their discipline and dedication. The rhythmic cadence of the captivating Naga Dance added a touch of tradition to the event, weaving the rich cultural tapestry of the region into the celebration. A true embodiment of patriotism was witnessed through spirited performances by local youth, each act emanating fervor and dedication to their homeland. This event, with the participation of over 300 villagers and representatives from 09 neighboring villages,  concluded magnificently with a harmonious rendition of the National Anthem, underscoring the collective pride of the attendees. Among the highlights of the occasion were the distribution of awards, recognizing the exceptional talents that adorn the community. Assam Rifles took this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the local talent, nurturing a sense of accomplishment and motivation amongst the youth.

Further accentuating the strong bond between the Assam Rifles and the local populace, a friendly volleyball match was held, fostering camaraderie and solidarity. This eventful day symbolized the commitment of the Assam Rifles to not only safeguard the nation but also to actively contribute to the holistic development of the communities they serve.