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Brig PS Cheema, SM, VSM, Cdr, Jammu Group (NCC) Visits PRETSC-II Camp at Training Academy Nagrota

Brig PS Cheema, SM, VSM, Cdr, Jammu Group (NCC) Visits PRETSC-II Camp at Training Academy Nagrota, Engages with Cadets and Delivers Inspirational Address         

Brigadier PS Cheema, SM, VSM, Group CDR, Jammu Group made a significant visit to the Training Academy Nagrota, where he interacted with cadets undergoing training at the Training and Selection Camp (Pre-TSC-II Camp). The visit was marked by his engagement with the cadets, witnessing their training, and delivering a thought-provoking address that left a lasting impact on the young minds. The visit of Group Commander, Jammu Gp to the TSC Camp underscored the importance of mentorship, leadership, and motivation in nurturing the potential of cadets. The Training and Selection Camp, a rigorous training program, aims to develop character, discipline, and leadership qualities in future military leaders. He spent valuable time engaging with the cadets, learning about their training experiences. His presence provided cadets with a unique opportunity to interact with a decorated Officer and gain inspiration from him. His address to the cadets was marked by words of wisdom, encouragement, and guidance. He emphasized the significance of resilience, teamwork, and adaptability in the journey towards becoming effective leaders. His anecdotes and lessons from the field resonated deeply with the young cadets, leaving them motivated and eager to excel in their training. The Camp Commandant, Col RS Jasrotia,SM** said, "We were honoured to host Brigadier PS Cheema, SM,VSM at our TSC Camp. His visit served as a source of inspiration for our cadets, reinforcing the values of dedication, discipline, and leadership that are essential in their training and future roles."