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Indian Army Organised  Medical and Veterinary Camp at Sirur Bowl and Bunjwah Bowl, Kishtwar

Indian Army Organised  Medical and Veterinary Camp at Sirur Bowl and Bunjwah Bowl, Kishtwar.           

As a goodwill gesture and in continuance of its commitment to work for welfare of general public, the Indian Army organised a Medical & Veterinary Camp for locals and live stocks at Sirur Bowl & Bunjwah Bowl. The aim of this camp was to deliver basic medical services at the door steps of the medically less privileged clientele residing in remote and far flung villages & provide veterinary support for animals and medical facilities for migrating gujjars which are not available thereby depriving them of the required basic medical facilities for themselves and their livestock. During the camp, Veterinary doctors and a team of doctors from the Indian Army and Civil comprising Medical Specialists & Dentist attended the patients requiring medical care actively participated in the event. A total of 216 Male, 184 Female, 42 children from Sirur Bowl and 20 Male, 266 Female, 28 Children from Bunjwah Bowl were provided with free medical care along with preliminary investigation and medicines for the commonly occurring ailments. On the other hand 163 live stocks from Sirur Bowl and 294 lives tocks from Bunjwah Bowl included sheeps, goats, cows and horses, which were treated and also provided with free medicines during the camp. The local populace appreciated this Endeavour of Indian Army to address their genuine requirements and aspirations. This camp will go a long way in alleviating the health issues of local population & their live stocks and further strengthen bonds of friendship between Indian Army and Awaam.