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Manasbal NCC Camp Inspected

Manasbal NCC Camp Inspected

Brigadier KS Kalsi, Group Commander of the Srinagar NCC Group, embarked on a visit to the Pre Nausainik Camp situated at the picturesque Manasbal location. This stunning backdrop provided the perfect setting for a day filled with motivation, guidance, and unwavering support for the dedicated cadets.

Upon his arrival, Brigadier KS Kalsi was greeted with warm hospitality by the camp's eager participants and dedicated instructors. Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Manasbal, the camp served as a nurturing environment for the development of invaluable skills and teamwork among aspiring naval cadets.

The visit commenced with a comprehensive briefing on the various activities conducted at the camp, including boat pulling, semaphore, and ship modelling. With extensive experience in NCC operations, Brigadier KS Kalsi meticulously assessed the progress made by the cadets in these critical activities.

With the preparations for the upcoming All Indian Nau Sainik Camp (AINSC) 23 in full swing, Brigadier KS Kalsi diligently reviewed the cadets' readiness and commitment, providing essential guidance to enhance their efforts. He stressed the importance of continuous improvement, aiming to surpass the achievements of previous years.

Brigadier KS Kalsi's visit was not limited to mere inspection of the camp; he actively engaged with the young cadets, sharing his own experiences and imparting words of motivation. His inspirational address instilled a sense of pride and determination among the cadets, igniting their passion to perform exceptionally well in the forthcoming AINSC 23 to be held at INS Shivaji, Lonavala from 14 -25 Oct 23.

In addition to his visit to the Pre Nausainik Camp, Brigadier KS Kalsi extended his support to the Manasbal Sainik School. There, he had the privilege of interacting with the school's Principal, discussing the importance of fostering a strong foundation for future military leaders.

This visit by Brigadier KS Kalsi underscores the Srinagar NCC Group's unwavering commitment to nurturing and shaping the aspirations of India's future military leaders. The Pre Nausainik Camp at Manasbal remains an integral platform for instilling a sense of duty, discipline, and dedication among the NCC Naval wing cadets.