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Assam Rifles Organises Pivotal Security Meets at Pallel,Lamlong and Changshil Villages of Dist Kakching & Tengnoupal  

Assam Rifles Organises Pivotal Security Meets at Pallel,Lamlong and Changshil Villages of Dist Kakching & Tengnoupal   

Pivotal security meetings were convened on September 1, 2023, at the Old Pallel Police Station, Lamlong and Changshil villages. The meetings gathered attendees dedicated to enhancing the safety and prosperity of  Area of Responsibility (AoR). This gathering included Commandant Assam Rifles and prominent members of the United Committees.

The meeting focused around addressing the crucial agenda,  the foremost being the "Maintenance of Peace and Stability" within the village and adjoining areas. Attendees brain stormed various strategies and initiatives to achieve a secure and harmonious environment that would ensure well-being of the community.

Secondly, the meeting underscored the significance of fostering "Cooperation between Security Forces and the Civil Populace of the villages & Town." Lastly, the meeting placed a strong emphasis on "Seamless Communication" between security forces and the local populace. It stressed the need for efficient and effective channels to promptly address any emerging issues, promoting transparency and collaboration.

This collaborative effort underscores the unwavering commitment to safeguarding the local community's interests and security. Security forces and the civil populace stand united, working diligently to create a harmonious and secure environment in the Pallel. Lamlong And Changshil Villages.