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Assam Rifles Partners With Machi Villagers, Chandel District  for Major Roadway Repair With JCB Assistance  

Assam Rifles Partners With Machi Villagers, Chandel District  for Major Roadway Repair With JCB Assistance   

In a heart-warming demonstration of community unity, Assam Rifles has collaborated  with the residents of Machi Village, Chandel District  to initiate extensive repairs on a vital roadway connecting Machi Village to Machi Junction.

This collaborative endeavour, made possible by the provision of JCB machinery by Assam Rifles, is set to significantly enhance the region's infrastructure and promote the well-being of local communities.The road in question has long served as a crucial lifeline for Machi Village and the neighboring areas, yet its maintenance has been hampered by the challenging terrain. The lack of proper transportation has often inconvenienced the villagers and limited their economic prospects. However, Assam Rifles' commitment to community welfare expeditiously made the road functional by utilising expertise and equipment in the repair work. Villagers and armed forces personnel joined efforts in this venture to ease the bottleneck between Machi and Machi Junction, as well as the broader road network.

The impact of this collaborative effort will enable easier access to educational facilities, healthcare services, and markets for agricultural produce. Moreover, the project is expected to boost local trade, tourism, and overall socio-economic development.