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Headquarter IGAR (South) Assam Rifles Facilitates Multifaceted Community Engagement

Headquarter IGAR (South) Assam Rifles Facilitates Multifaceted Community Engagement

In a continued effort to foster harmonious relations and contribute positively to Manipur's environment, Assam Rifles under the auspices of Headquarter IGAR (South), organized a remarkable interactive session led by Brigadier Vaibhav Shinde at Somsai Garrison. This event served as a significant stride in strengthening military-civilian ties within the region.

The session welcomed distinguished attendees, including Mr. Ramganning TNWL, President; Mrs. Sochamphy, VP TSL, Mr. P Kasar, Gen Secy TNWL; Miss Lemsokhaleng, Acct TKS; and Miss Wonchui Makang, Treasurer TKS. Commander 10 Sector extended a warm welcome to the participants, representing various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). The collaborative discussion emphasized the importance of maintaining neutrality in Naga-dominated areas, combating the drug trade, and initiating dialogues with Kukies and Meities CSOs to bolster unity and mutual respect in their sphere of influence. The exchange of ideas and cooperative spirit demonstrated by these key stakeholders reinforced the foundation of trust vital for a harmonious society.

These concerted efforts by Assam Rifles in engaging with CSOs and facilitating productive interactions exemplify their unwavering commitment to nurturing a stable environment in Manipur. Through such initiatives, the battalion continues to serve as a driving force for positive change in the region.