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Scaling of Mount Harmukh OP Jwala

Scaling of Mount Harmukh OP Jwala

The Indian Army is embarking on an extraordinary journey to scale the Kashmir Valley’s one of the tallest peak, Mount Harmukh, in a monumental expedition by a team of 14 DOGRA scheduled wef 12 - 18 September 2023 to commemorate its platinum jubilee.

In a ceremony filled with patriotic fervor, the flag off for this historic expedition took place on 12th September at Machhal by GOC, 28 Inf Div where the team of 15 elite mountaineers of Indian Army gathered to embark on this monumental journey. The expedition aptly named ‘Op Jwala’, the deity of Dogras, aims to commemorate the platinum jubilee by conquering the formidable heights of Mount Harmukh standing tall at an altitude of 5142 meters (16870 feet) above sea level.

The expedition consists of handpicked team of seasoned mountaineers of Indian Army who have undergone rigorous training to take on the arduous challenge that lies ahead. The journey to the summit of Mount Harmukh is treacherous and filled with peril, much like the challenges the Indian Army faces daily. The expedition will traverse through icefalls, crevasses and unpredictable weather conditions making it an extraordinary testament to the courage and determination of the team. This incredible journey showcases the exceptional toughness, discipline and determination that are the hallmark of the Indian Army.