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Assam Rifles Empowers Through Sports and Essential Aid

Assam Rifles Empowers Through Sports and Essential Aid

Assam Rifles, under the guidance of Headquarters Inspector General Assam Rifles (South), continued its commitment to supporting the local community. On 13 September  2023, the force distributed sports items, relief material, and sweets at a newly established school in K Kotlian village, Churachandpur District, Manipur.

The Company Commander encouraged young students to explore their talents in sports, emphasizing constructive activities. This distribution of sports items to the youth is part of Assam Rifles' broader efforts to engage and empower local youth in sports, redirecting their energy positively. The villagers requested for more such selfless service from Assam Rifles, reinforcing the force's motto as the "Friends of the Northeast People." In a relief camp at Dawn School Thingkangphai, Assam Rifles extended a friendly hand by distributing sports items, essential materials, and providing moral support to internally displaced people in Churachandpur on September 13, 2023.

This initiative was all about boosting morale and inspiring & energizing the youth within the displaced families residing at Dawn School Thingkangphai Relief Camp and Zalenmun Community Hall Relief Camp. The distribution of sports items and essentials is part of Assam Rifles' ongoing efforts to provide humanitarian assistance and promote a sense of security and belonging among those affected. Assam Rifles remains steadfast in its commitment to support local authorities in restoring peace and normalcy to the region.