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Conduct of Trek To Sinthan Maidan at Chingam, Kistwar

Conduct of Trek To Sinthan Maidan at Chingam, Kistwar

To reaffirm its commitment towards fostering peace and also to provide an impetus to the adventure talent in the region of Kishtwar district, Indian Army organised Trek to Sinthan Maidan, Kishtwar.  Total of 112 boys &70 girls attended the event.  The aim of this event was to inculcate and further promote adventure spirit for the youth of the region.


Trekking to Sinthan Maidan, organised by the Indian Army for the enthusiastic youth of the district, is an exhilarating adventure that blends nature, patriotism and pristine Himalayan landscape, Sinthan Maidan offers breathtaking vistas and a serene environment.  The event not only promotes a spirit of adventure but also instils a sense of discipline and camaraderie among the participants.

This unique opportunity allows the local youth to connect with their natural surroundings and engage in team building activities, all while under the guidance and mentorship of the armed forces. It serves as a remarkable platform for personal growth and motivated local youth for adventure activities. The local population expressed their gratitude towards Indian Army for the campaign and requested to organise such informative events frequently.